Our quality

Our partners point to our quality to their other senders and they put in an example of our system of production, selection and sorting of finished products. Repeatedly they invited their suppliers to us for learning. We are pleased them for this evaluation and we will do everything to keep and increase the achieved.

Oak’s sawn timber (lumber)

We offer high quality fresh oak’s sawn timber (lumber)  in a thickness of 28-30 mm. We execute orders according to the specifications of our partners by different sizes and grades.  We  prefer to take orders with a wide range of sizes (many widths and length), that gives us a higher yield(output). And prices are not always the determining factor in our business, but prices should be competitive compared to other European customers from Germany, Belgium, Spain, Holland.

About Company

Private enterprise "Contact" was founded in 1992. During this time, our management and staff have passed the test by time, difficulties, hard work, many different kind of activities.

Currently our company is one of the woodworking producers of Ukrainian oak’s lumber, sawn timber for furniture industry and parquet flooring for export. Our partners are leading manufacturers of furniture, millwork and flooring in Western Europe (Italy, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Germany, France, Austria, Poland). Our partners often place us in an example of the rest of the suppliers from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, as an example of quality and accountability. We appreciate this estimate, as long bet on the quality and responsibility ...