About Company

Private enterprise "Contact" was founded in 1992. During this time, our management and staff have passed the test by time, difficulties, hard work, many different kind of activities.

Currently our company is one of the woodworking producers of Ukrainian oak’s lumber, sawn timber for furniture industry and parquet flooring for export. Our partners are leading manufacturers of furniture, millwork and flooring in Western Europe (Italy, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Germany, France, Austria, Poland). Our partners often place us in an example of the rest of the suppliers from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, as an example of quality and accountability. We appreciate this estimate, as long bet on the quality and responsibility ...

In the processing of wood we use very laborious and expensive technology of deep (detail) wood sawing and sorting. You will not find many blades machines for longitudinal cutting of timber, thick lagging, two or three dimensions produced - such a luxury is permissible only company with a "gratuitous" wood, we fight for each board and the workpiece. Since the raw oak is a precious material given to us by God and to spend it in an empty - "waste", the same sin as stealing, adultery, murder.

An important area of activity is the selection, sorting, processing and preparation for veneer logs (sawlogs first, second grade large diameter).

In 2001 we reoriented the company's capacity on the domestic market - the production of high quality flooring, lamparquet, solid wood flooring. We have come a long way and we can now provide our customers with good quality flooring.

At this moment we have two production bases in the Zhitomir region. We are constantly building up our production and now provide the needs of our customers in amounts of about 300 m3 per month oak timber of Ukrainian descent.

Also, about 7 years, our company develops a new direction - the manufacture of natural stone (granite, gabbro, labradorite). We currently offer a wide range of products: the monuments, memorials, tiles, window sills, stairs, columns, balusters, paving stone, shaped paving elements. We provide standard sizes and special orders.

In parallel, we carried out the selection, organization of custom work and delivery Ukrainian blocks of Zhytomyr region natural stone deposits to order from abroad partners (this is different, black, red, green, gray granite, labradorite unique, fine-grained black gabbro).

With our rich experience in stone processing, we offer high quality and cheap stone processing equipment and tools (the best Chinese and Japanese-Chinese manufacturers): diamond segments for cutting of stone, profiling machines, block cutting machines.

We're always open to new contacts, so if you are interested in our products, we are ready to explore your suggestions.